Where does the time go? Here we are in 2017 and I feel a little like Rip van Winkle, as if I just closed my eyes for a second and there went the whole year!

There will be two new books from me in 2017. HER CHEROKEE GROOM is a May Love Inspired Historical that I began after visiting the Cherokee Museum and falling in love with the people and their history. Many authors focus on the Trail of Tears but this story occurs before that, in 1830, when well educated tribal emissaries were sent to Washington City to ask President Jackson to honor the agreements of prior administrations. Part of their mission was to gain the support of Secretary of War, John Eaton. They presented him with precious gifts. One of those gifts was a young Cherokee boy, meant to become the adopted son of the Eatons! This is true history – and then my story begins.

The second book follows in June and is – ta-da – about K-9 cops! Are you surprised? I didn’t think so. In the case of SPECIAL AGENT, the K-9 team members are affiliated with the FBI and travel all over the US. My agent and his bomb-sniffing boxer are sent to the gold country of California and I was delighted to personally return to that part of the state to refresh my memory and gather details that bring the book alive. No, I did not adopt a boxer! Two labs are quite enough, thank you.

The schedule for 2018 is already planned and being worked on. So far I have two books scheduled. Now all I have to do is write them and I have a confession to make. It’s far easier to write the actual pages than it is to get an idea approved by my editors in the first place. However, doing it that way saves me a lot of time in the long run because I don’t write a book that they won’t buy. Yes, friends, that happens. And now you know the truth. I AM NOT PERFECT. Just don’t tell my publisher, okay?

Until next time…
Valerie Hansen